Top 10 Website Development Trends SMEs in Kenya Should Embrace in 2024


In the fast-evolving digital landscape, staying updated with the latest website development trends is crucial for SMEs in Kenya. A well-designed website can significantly enhance your online presence, attract more customers, and drive business growth. As we move into 2024, several trends are emerging that can help Kenyan SMEs create more engaging, user-friendly, and efficient websites. Here are the top 10 website development trends SMEs in Kenya should embrace in 2024.

1. Mobile-First Design

With the majority of internet users accessing websites via mobile devices, a mobile-first design approach is no longer optional. Ensuring that your website is fully responsive and provides a seamless experience on all devices is crucial. Mobile-first design focuses on optimizing the website for mobile users first, then scaling up for larger screens.


  • Improved user experience
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Increased mobile traffic

2. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs combine the best of web and mobile apps, offering a smooth and fast user experience even with poor internet connections. They are installable, work offline, and provide push notifications, making them a great tool for engaging users.


  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Faster load times
  • Offline functionality

3. Voice Search Optimization

As voice search becomes more popular, optimizing your website for voice queries is essential. This involves using natural language, long-tail keywords, and structured data to ensure your content is easily discoverable by voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.


  • Increased visibility in voice search results
  • Improved user accessibility
  • Enhanced user experience

4. AI and Chatbots

Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots can significantly enhance user interaction on your website. They can provide instant customer support, guide users through the website, and offer personalized recommendations.


  • Improved customer service
  • Increased user engagement
  • Enhanced personalization

5. Minimalist Design

A clean and minimalist design focuses on simplicity and functionality. It reduces clutter, making it easier for users to navigate and find the information they need. This trend emphasizes the use of white space, simple color schemes, and intuitive navigation.


  • Improved user experience
  • Faster load times
  • Easier navigation

6. Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming increasingly popular due to its aesthetic appeal and reduced eye strain. It provides an alternative color scheme that can enhance the user experience, especially in low-light environments.


  • Enhanced visual appeal
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Improved battery life for mobile devices

7. Motion UI

Motion UI involves using animations and transitions to create a dynamic and engaging user experience. It can guide users’ attention, provide feedback, and make the interface more intuitive.


  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Improved usability
  • Attractive visual elements

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a framework that enables the creation of fast-loading mobile pages. By using AMP, SMEs can improve their mobile website performance, leading to higher user satisfaction and better search engine rankings.


  • Faster page load times
  • Improved mobile performance
  • Higher search engine rankings

9. Secure Websites (HTTPS)

Security is paramount for any website. Ensuring your website uses HTTPS not only protects user data but also boosts your search engine rankings. Google favors secure websites, making it essential for SMEs to prioritize website security.


  • Enhanced security
  • Improved trust and credibility
  • Higher search engine rankings

10. Accessibility

Creating an accessible website ensures that all users, including those with disabilities, can easily navigate and interact with your site. This involves using proper HTML tags, providing alt text for images, and ensuring keyboard navigation.


  • Improved user experience for all users
  • Legal compliance
  • Enhanced reputation and inclusivity


What is a mobile-first design? A mobile-first design prioritizes the mobile user experience by designing the website for smaller screens first and then scaling up for larger screens.

Why are PWAs important for SMEs in Kenya? PWAs offer a fast, reliable, and engaging user experience, which can help SMEs attract and retain more customers, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.

How can AI and chatbots improve my website? AI and chatbots provide instant support and personalized recommendations, enhancing customer service and user engagement on your website.

What is the advantage of using dark mode on a website? Dark mode reduces eye strain, improves battery life for mobile devices, and offers an alternative aesthetic appeal for users.

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