One of the strengths of sharing your content online is the power to create a truly innovative experience for your audience. Displaying your content as a flipbook is an effective way to share content. There is a wide range of WordPress flipbook plugins available on the market. But don’t be fooled: these flipbook WordPress plugins allow you to create more than static documents.

In this article, I would like to give you an overview of some tools that I find especially intriguing. Along with the obvious book flipping pages animations, these easy-to-use WordPress flipbook plugins offer impressive functionality that, if you so choose, will allow you to create a truly interactive experience for your readers.

There are currently around 40 different WordPress flipbook plugins on CodeCanyon. You can use them to create 2D or 3D flipbooks for your books or magazines. Many of them also offer something unique. This could either be an exciting feature or a new layout for the flipbook.

Optimized for mobile with automatic fallbacks that ensure your flipbook will display correctly on all platforms, this WordPress flipbook plugin comes with all the basic and premium PDF page-turner features you need: interactive pages, lightbox, single or double page view, and more are all included in this package. This plugin supports unlimited books and pages, and it ensures smooth loading by rendering pages one by one, so visitors can start reading instantly.

Create a PDF page turner with ease using this WordPress flip plugin. Responsive design and no Flash required means your flipbook will display beautifully on mobile and desktop devices. Use the WYSIWYG page editor to take advantage of all the customization options this flipbook WordPress plugin has to offer.

Along with all the standard PDF functionality, with this plugin you can select from:

Customize navigation and skin settings, or simply choose from one of the included 11 styles and four book mockups, all based on flat and clean design, for an effortless and modern flipbook.

Choose from fully customizable skin options to display your content in a realistic 3D flipbook, complete with page-depth simulation and user-friendly, interactive, flexible page corners. Pages render in the background, ensuring a smooth reading experience, and smart pans automatically display your flipbook in the most comfortable orientation for reading on any device.

This flipbook WordPress plugin also offers YouTube support and will display YouTube videos in a layer above your flipbook. Fully responsive and with no Flash needed, this WordPress flipbook plugin works reliably on both mobile and desktop.

There are a lot of useful features that both you and your readers will love. For example, there are three different render modes called two-page flip, one-page flip, and swipe. You can also choose from a light or dark theme to view the flipbook.

The plugin also allows you to directly read PDF files without converting them to JPEGs with the help of pdf.js. It works great in all modern browsers and provides limited functionality in IE9 as well. Instead of creating the flipbook from PDF or image sets, you can also add individual pages manually or create pages using a WYSIWYG editor.

Books can be displayed to users using four different methods. This includes a shortcode, templates, a lightbox, and a bookshelf. Both the lightbox and bookshelf work in a similar manner. You simply have to click on a link to open the book. The major difference between them is the style of presentation.

This flipbook is a user-friendly and interactive WPBakery add-on that allows you to browse images, PDFs, or HTML as a flipping book. You can use Unreal Flipbook to give magazines, booklets, and other media a natural look that attracts user attention. It supports full-screen mode and the pages have flexible interactive corners making them easy to turn.

Because the plugin is responsive, the pages adapt easily to the container sizes of different devices. You can customize it using CSS3 and JavaScript to create navigation, hover effects, and more. You also have to option to make it light or dark themed. 

This plugin has a user behavior prediction system that tracks users’ actions and tries to predict the next necessary pages to load. It supports RTL which means it works seamlessly with right-to-left or top-to-bottom script. 

To create touch-enable flipbooks for your website using WPBakery Page Builder, a simple lightweight plugin like 3D FlipBook will do the trick. It is purely CSS-based, no flash here.

Use this plugin to create booklets, flyers, newspapers, cards, magazines, etc. The flipbook content can have images, text, videos, and shortcodes.  You can easily customize your flipbooks thanks to features that include:

There are also a few free WordPress flipbook plugins that you could try if you’re not ready to purchase a premium plugin yet. However, remember that any free plugins you use might not receive regular updates or provide support when needed.

We have also included the free versions of a couple of premium plugins here so that you can try out the limited version of the premium plugins before deciding which one you should buy.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices available for people who want to turn their PDFs of books and magazines into flipbooks. All of them will allow you to create a flipbook from PDFs. Here are our suggestions if you’re looking for something specific.

As you can tell by now, there are many powerful options to customize your content using a WordPress flipbook plugin. These flipbook WordPress plugins each have something to offer, like bookshelf display and 3D book simulations, and embedded web and video content. These features will help you create an engaging experience for your readers that makes the most of the display potential of digital media. Go ahead and try one of these tools to showcase your content easily and effectively.