While we can’t predict the future, we can identify and interpret the biggest hiring trends we’ve seen emerging at the tail end of 2022. In this post, we’ll go through the most talked about topics that can improve your hiring strategy and get your business off to a great start.

As a possible recession looms and inflation rises, candidates and employers can expect economic uncertainties to impact their ability to find work and hire in the coming year. Many industries are experiencing budget cuts amidst slowed economic growth and inflated pricing — and across all teams, especially hiring, have to rethink their approaches for 2023.

Candidates are entering the new year expecting salaries that can sustain them as best as possible amidst inflation concerns. Recruiters should expect to negotiate between candidates with more than one offer on the table and provide offers that reflect their level of experience, education, and mindset.

Social media is a powerful hiring channel, and it works both ways. Candidates can digitally showcase their talents in more ways than job boards, while recruiters can post information about newly published jobs and opportunities in relevant online communities.

Candidates can learn about opportunities in more spaces and showcase their work experience for visibility. At the same time, recruiters can share job listings in online communities centered around their target demographic.

When posting job listings, you want to use technology that targets suitable candidates with the skills and previous experience that your business needs without the manual hours to sift through each application. Resume screening that runs verifiable and accurate historical data can be a major tool to invest in to improve the quality of hire.

Streamlining your recruitment and interviewing process can reduce the time and labor needed to identify your top candidates and help them secure a job smoothly. Automatic resume vetting can reduce the time to hire.

Soft skills are quickly rising in importance to companies across the globe. The pandemic brought about a skills deficit and decreased the amount of business done in person. While this may not have hindered their ability to learn hard skills, candidates proficient in soft skills are becoming more scarce.

The top soft skills to look for in the foreseeable future are:

While it may seem like a small detail, it could be a barrier that stops top talent from considering a position.

Some states, like California or Colorado, have laws requiring employers to provide salary ranges in job listings. This is a massive shift from the typical guessing game that candidates play as they’re well into interviewing. Candidates don’t have time to start interviewing for multiple businesses only to be presented with an offer that isn’t near their expectations.

Despite the uncertainty of 2022, hiring managers can adapt their strategies to find candidates to help your business succeed. We hope this post helps you boost your talent search and build the employee pool you need for the new year.