When it comes to your dining room, it’s important to create a functional space while ideally ensuring that it’s also a comfortable place to spend time each day. On top of that, it might be a spot in your home where you want to make a statement. To do just that, there are a few things to consider.
First, when deciding how you want to set up your dining room, you’ll want to keep in mind that it’s an area where you’ll not only be eating, according to Style Meets Comfort; you may also be getting together with loved ones and potentially hosting guests in that space. Of course, just like the rest of your home, you’ll want your dining room to show off your style and capture a particular aesthetic. That’s not to mention the unique aspects of the area that can enhance your décor, such as windows, doors, and floors as well as how the space size can affect what you do. As for furniture, you can combine any complementary items and top it all off by putting a rug down.
Beyond that, you can also choose the perfect artwork for the space. So if you’ve been looking for ideas on how to add a creative touch to your home, then be sure to check out these fabulous ways to incorporate art into your dining room.

When it comes to dining room art, illustrations are a bit of an unusual choice which is one reason why they can be such a striking addition to the space. You can also take that vibe up a notch by opting for an illustration that is unexpected such as a detailed drawing of a common housefly.

Whether you have a dining room mantel or an empty corner to fill, adding a piece of sculpture might be a fantastic choice. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to this art form. For instance, you could track down a classical glazed plaster bust like the one seen here or find a contemporary metal piece.

When you’re not sitting down in your dining room for a meal — or perhaps tackling a few tasks while working from home — then you can decorate the tabletop with an artistic centerpiece. Think along the lines of creatively crafted vases in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can even use multiple pieces together to create an entire arrangement.

When you pop mirrors on a wall, they reflect both the space and any light, which can make the room look bigger and brighter. You can also choose a mirror — or in this case, a triptych of sorts — with an innovative and intriguing artistic design to add a hint of creativity to the room.

Text art often features poignant words or clever sayings displayed in an intentional composition and using deliberate fonts or colors. Just take a look at these examples that tell anyone who passes by or sits down to “eat well” and “travel often.” Granted, that’s apparently after consuming caffeine, as the other text tells us, “But first, coffee.”

This may look like a painting; however, it’s actually a piece of art that’s been created digitally with the help of boundary-breaking modern technology. Thanks to the seemingly unlimited capabilities of computers and even AI art generators, you can opt for everything from a black, white, and gray abstract piece to vibrant color-filled fantasy-like landscapes.

The colors, grains, and polishes that wood can boast make it a desirable material for artistic pieces. It’s also ideal for sculpting, which is why you can find fabulous hand-carved wood art for your dining room. This can include everything from decorative dishes and candlesticks to salt and pepper shakers, as well as purely ornamental items.

Thanks to the gorgeous and luxurious nature of marble, it can be used in art that’s just as elegant, such as this chic example. Perfect for a dining room that embraces a sophisticated style, you can either pair it with contemporary marble pieces or allow it to be the one modern item in an otherwise classy space.

Help keep memories of your travels alive or celebrate the place where you currently live by putting up an artistic map in your dining room. While a typical map would work just fine, you can add to the creative look of your piece by using an unexpected color and a stunning frame.

You might think that art should complement the furnishings in your dining room. However, you can also pick out furniture that is art. Along with being functional, you may want to find yourself items such as translucent chairs in a range of bright colors that are each a piece of art on which you can sit.

Another practical item in your dining room, your light fixture should make the space bright enough to see your meals but soft enough to create a comfortable atmosphere. It can also be something that captures an artistic baroque design, one that’s creatively boho, unabashedly art deco, or delightfully art nouveau, just to name a few options.

It’s hard to imagine any area in your home that wouldn’t benefit from a few plants, and that includes the dining room. Of course, not everyone has a green thumb, so if you can’t keep plants alive but would love some gorgeous greenery, you might be interested in a piece of permanent moss or succulent art.

Whether you find yourself attracted to stoneware, earthenware, or porcelain, you might want to choose a few pieces of pottery for your dining room. Available in pretty much any kind of shape, color, and finish that you can imagine, pottery can be a wide range of sizes and either be functional or simply meant to be admired.

While you might assume that large pieces of art can only be shown off outdoors, you should think again. If you’re willing to be bold and have enough space inside, then you can opt for a large example of installation art. The floor-to-ceiling curved metal pieces that can be seen here could certainly be conversation starters.

A potentially irresistible option for anyone who adores traditional art, a painting can not only add a timeless touch to your dining room but can also be a piece that you hand down to family members. While painters embrace all kinds of techniques and subject matter, you can’t go wrong with charming cityscapes or still life.