The leaf blower parable

It’s autumn in North America, and that means that homeowners and contractors are busy removing suburban leaves. It’s almost impossible to avoid the deafening roar of gas-powered leaf blowers. Here’s what we know, without doubt: We also know that: The solution, if we’re serious, is to ban gas leaf blowers. The replacements will pay for […]

DreamFusion: An AI that Generates 3D Models from Text –

I explain Artificial Intelligence terms and news to non-experts.We’ve seen models before that were able to take a sentence and .We've also seen other  by learning specific concepts like an object or particular style.Last week, Meta published the  that I covered, which allows you to generate a short video also from a text sentence. The results aren’t perfect […]

This week: Jumia's CEOs step down – TechCabal

Image source: Techcabal This week, there’s quite a lot to catch up on in techThis week, Kuda ventures into new vistas, MTN says 👋🏾 to Afghanistan and Jumia leaders scramble to get off a sinking ship. Just another week’s happenings in tech? Pamela Tetteh Editor, TechCabal. While the Jumia ship suffers the turbulence of persistent […]

Revenue Intelligence 101: 6 Workflows To Boost Your Customer Success Team

Do you have complete visibility into deals, team performance, and market changes? Do you know what’s really happening in customer conversations with insights and guidance for every level of your org? If not, keep reading … especially if you work in Customer Success. This article will define Revenue Intelligence, share how it can be effective […]

How can we tell if a picture is AI-generated fake? – Australia Today

By Brendan Paul MurphyFake photography is nothing new. In the 1910s, British author Arthur Conan Doyle was famously deceived by two school-aged sisters who had produced photographs of elegant fairies cavorting in their garden.Today it is hard to believe these photos could have fooled anybody, but it was not until the 1980s an expert named […]