Using Automated Test Results To Improve Accessibility

A cursory google search will return a treasure trove of blog posts and articles espousing the value of adding accessibility checks to the testing automation pipeline. These articles are rife with tutorials and code snippets demonstrating just how simple it can be to grab one’s favorite open-source accessibility testing library, jam it into a cypress […]

OpsHelm emerges from stealth to automatically correct your security blunders

There are so many preventable cybersecurity incidents each year if only you were aware of the problem. It could be the classic exposed Amazon S3 bucket or a firewall vulnerability. These are what many security experts might call rookie mistakes, but which hit companies all the time because of the sheer complexity tracking security along […]

Art Isn't Dead, It's Just Machine-Generated – Andreessen Horowitz

Perhaps the most mind-bending implication we’re seeing from generative AI is that, contrary to the common view that creativity will be the last bastion of human ingenuity in the face of automation, it actually appears to be far easier to automate rather difficult creative tasks than to automate relatively simple programming tasks. To get a […]

This Is How You Drive Revenue From Coaching – It’s Called Moving the Middle

Every sales team is the same. (Well, sort of.) Sales leaders and managers serve as coaches to help close deals. They coach all sales reps (some top performers, some bottom performers, and a whole bunch of “in the middle” performers) with the ultimate goal of exceeding goals and blowing targets out of the water.  Your […]

Generative AI Could Pollute the Internet to Death – Medium

Nov 16Member-onlyGenerative AI is the most transformative application the field has ever seen. It will redefine how we create but also how we interact with and relate to the creations of others.Whereas traditional AI allows us to extract patterns and insights from data, shaping them into new knowledge, generative AI…——AI & Tech | Analyst at […]

Everything a Beginner Blogger Needs to Know for 2023

Whether you’re a beginner blogger looking to write for clients or yourself, blogging is one of the most fun, versatile… The post Everything a Beginner Blogger Needs to Know for 2023 appeared first on Copyblogger. source

Photographer Accurately Recreates his Work with AI Image Generator – PetaPixel

A photographer uploaded his fantastical photos to the AI image generator Midjourney and asked it to recreate them with astonishing results. Artificially intelligent (AI) image generators synthesize pictures from text prompts, but photographers can upload their own photos as a guide. Antti Karppinen did just that. After uploading his original pictures to Midjourney he then […]

Elephantech wants to create circuit boards that are kinder to the environment

The main change Elephantech ushers in to the PCB process is that while electronic circuits are typically made through so-called “subtractive” manufacturing which involves layering an entire surface with metal before dissolving the areas that aren’t necessary, with Elephantech’s “pure additive” process, it only puts metals in place where they are needed to begin with. […]