Onboarding New Managers

We spend lots of time and money focusing on onboarding new sellers. We provide training, tools, content to reduce their ramp time. Managers spend time helping them become productive. Ironically, we provide very little in the way of onboarding new managers, particularly new front line sales managers. Typically, the process is: “Lisa, congrats on moving […]

Marketing Budget: How Much Should Your Team Spend in 2023? [By Industry]

As a marketer, you’re always pitching new ideas to your team. And you’ve also faced a consistent follow-up question, “How much from our marketing budget do we need to execute?” Ultimately, being a successful marketer isn’t just about thinking strategically. It’s also about adhering to a strict budget, achieving new levels of growth, and choosing […]

SWVL reduces its headcount by 50% six months after axing 400+ staff – TechCrunch

Cairo-born and Dubai-based mass transit and shared mobility services provider SWVL has carried out its second round of layoffs affecting 50% of its remaining headcount, according to a statement shared by the company. The news is coming six months after SWVL laid off 32% of its workforce in a “portfolio optimization program” effort geared toward achieving […]

Cameroonian fintech, Ejara raises $8 million in Series A investment to expand product offering – Technext

Ejara, a Cameroonian fintech company that offers fractional shares, cryptocurrency, and other affordable investment opportunities to Francophone Africa through decentralized services, has raised $8 million in Series A funding. The two-year-old fintech startup has raised $10 million since its founding, thanks to a $2 million seed investment in October 2021.The new investment was co-led by […]

Yahoo gets 25% stake in Taboola as part of long-term advertising deal

If you’re not familiar with Taboola, you may have seen its content recommendation widgets on popular news websites, such as USA Today, Insider and The Weather Channel. They mostly feature sponsored links that lead to third-party websites. Those links appear in recommendation widgets at the end of news articles or in the middle of a […]

US-Based VC 500 Global Opens Office in Egypt – Innovation Village

US-based venture capital firm 500 Global is set to open an office in Egypt and has already partnered with Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) to launch a range of investment and startup-focused support programmes.500 Global is one of the world’s most active venture capital firms and will be opening an office in Cairo, its […]

4 Common Mistakes E-commerce Websites Make Using JavaScript

Despite the resources they can invest in web development, large e-commerce websites still struggle with SEO-friendly ways of using JavaScript. And, even when 98% of all websites use JavaScript, it’s still common that Google has problems indexing pages using JavaScript. While it’s okay to use it on your website in general, remember that JavaScript requires […]