Was Sam Bankman-Fried’s appearance a performance?

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried talked from an undisclosed location in the Bahamas today with reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin for a DealBook event, a discussion that his legal team “very much” did not approve of, he told Sorkin with a boyish grin. Though between $1 billion and $2 billion appears to be missing, and though company […]

Government Can Build Trust and Cut Costs Through Personalized Digital Services

Despite improvements in the public sector making services more modern and in line with private sector organizations, customers are still unsatisfied with the results. The public sector has a huge opportunity to increase trust in government services in a cost effective, efficient way. Imagine having a seamless customer experience with your local or state government […]

TransferGo expands money transfer service to Africa; launches in Ghana & five other countries – Pulse Ghana

TransferGo, a payment institution offering international online money transfer services, has recently announced its expansion across Africa. This will allow Ghanaians and expats from Senegal, Uganda, Kenya, and Benin Republic to send money home without having to pay delivery fees. With transfers enabled to local currencies like Cedis, Shilling, USD and more, TransferGo customers will […]

B2B Pricing Models & Strategies [+ Pros and Cons of Each]

Your B2B pricing plays a key role in shaping your company’s revenue. Set your pricing too low and you’ll need to capture an enormous size of your total addressable market to hit your goals. Go too high and you alienate customers on smaller budgets. Hide your pricing so you can sell to any type of […]

Kenyan Automotive Startup BasiGo Raises USD 6.6 Mn Funding – WeeTracker

Thank you for signing up for our free newsletter. By entering your email id you agree to receive our free newsletter and other promotional communication. $3,561,929,000+ *Data updated daily at 18:00 EAT BasiGo will begin assembling electric buses in Kenya next month, ramping up its production of public transport vehicles (PSVs) as it targets to deliver […]