Install And Run Stable Diffusion 2.0 On Your Local PC — No Code Guide – Medium

MLearning.aiNov 29Member-onlyStability AI’s popular image generator, Stable Diffusion, released a brand new version 2.0 a couple of days ago. The new version brings numerous advancements and improvements over the previous release. The new depth detection and the better text-to-image model in OpenCLIP are the features I am most excited about.——6Data Scientists must think like an […]

10 Key Ways to Leverage Your Business Ecosystem to Close More Deals

Sales teams are always looking for an edge. One of the best ways to outsell the competition is by leaning into your business ecosystem. Sales teams that leverage their business ecosystem close larger deals faster and more frequently. But what is a business ecosystem? And how can it help you close more deals? To help […]

It's Not Just a Marketing Phrase: 3 Ways to Deliver on Being a "Purpose-Driven Brand"

We’ve entered the era of purpose. The last two and a half years have brought into focus what it means to be a purpose-driven company. The global pandemic disrupted supply chains and highlighted rising inequalities. The ongoing threat of climate change shifted market dynamics and investor expectations, leaving businesses realising they must act. Not to mention, the […]

The Flaky Writer’s Foolproof Guide to Meeting Deadlines

If you have trouble meeting deadlines, unfortunately you’re reinforcing a stereotype that I loathe: “Creative people are flaky.” That statement… The post The Flaky Writer’s Foolproof Guide to Meeting Deadlines appeared first on Copyblogger. source

2022 YouTube Ad Specs

Wondering how you should format your ads? In this post, we’ll explore the requirements for YouTube advertisements by covering the following. YouTube ads have a variety of different formatting requirements. Ad formats are determined by the advertiser and may vary based on which delivery option is selected. After selecting your delivery option, you need to […]

AI-based image generation ethics – FlowingData

AI-based image generation is having a moment. Time some text and you can get a piece of art that resembles the style of your favorite artist. However, there’s an ethical dilemma with the source material. Andy Baio talked to Hollie Mengert, whose artwork was used to create a model for Stable Diffusion:“For me, personally, it […]