The best job you ever had

We spend most of our lives at work. And yet we don’t spend much time talking about it the opportunity to make it worthwhile. Thanks. source

26 Quotes to Inspire Your Job Search

Between preparing for interviews and sending out resumes, you may not have time to find these quotes yourself. That’s why our team gathered 26 of our favorite quotes from people who were in your shoes and nailed the job search. Read on and keep pursuing your dream job! Pursuing your passion and following your interests […]

Eye-popping: Images project grim health future for delivery drivers – ZDNet

Most PopularThe gig economy, coupled with on-demand everything, has its perks. But if you work as a delivery driver, your health is probably in shambles.Circuit, a company that makes last mile route planning software, surveyed 1,000 delivery drivers about their health and habits. The team then used AI to visually represent what those drivers are […]

2023 Predictions: What to Expect From Crypto, AI, BNPL and More – Morning Consult

BrandsWith COVID-19 in the rearview mirror for many industries, 2022 brought a new set of challenges for those in retail, technology, travel and more. Looking ahead to 2023, our team of industry analysts expects continued disruption in key subindustries, bundling in others and cost-cutting measures from consumers nearly across the board.Cryptocurrency is perhaps the industry […]

How to Run Facebook Ads: Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Facebook

When setting up a paid Facebook ad, there are a lot of boxes to check. Are you targeting the right people? Did you choose the right bidding model for your ad? Are you running the right type of ad? If we’re being honest, it can get a little confusing. To help simplify the process for […]

How to Use MidJourney AI Art Generator for Digital Graphics? – StartuptoEnterprise

After developing many AI article generators, the world of maverick developers wanted to try AI to develop visual arts. Such ambition led to the emergence of DALL.E & DALL.E2, Stable Diffusion, and the MidJourney AI art generator. This artificial creative generator aims to replace dependency on graphic designers so you can enjoy more autonomy over […]

The climate founders’ guide to the Inflation Reduction Act

As the most important piece of climate legislation in United States history, the IRA represents a fundamental regulatory inflection that may help create a different future. The purpose of this post is to share our understanding of the regulatory ramifications of this monumental bill, especially as they relate to the problems some of the most […]