Investors seek to profit from groundbreaking 'generative AI' start-ups – Financial Times

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What is a Featured Image in WordPress?

Let’s say that a website or blog publishes dozens of posts on a regular basis. They will list these posts in a variety of places on the website in order to make them easily accessible to viewers. What do the website developers use to represent these posts in such situations? They use the posts titles. […]

Bjarki and Thomas Harrington-Rawle team up on 'I Wish I Was A Model' – FACT

Now reading:Share this: Series, Audiovisual I by FactI 09.12.22 Stock footage and AI techniques combine on Rawle’s sardonic visual for Bjarki’s new single.Bjarki’s ‘I Wish I Was A Model’ is the latest release on Differance, the new label from the Icelandic techno producer and visual artist Thomas Harrington Rawle. The track’s visual is an extension […]

How Lensa AI and Image Generators Steal From Artists – The Daily Beast

SEARCHApps like Lensa are fun and impressive—but also incredibly harmful.Deputy Editor, Innovation & TechAmy Stelladia felt exhausted when she found out her art had been stolen.The Spanish illustrator, who has worked for the likes of Disney and Vault Comics, told The Daily Beast that her life as an artist has been a “constant battle to […]

Daily Crunch: Grocery delivery app Getir bags rival Gorillas in a $1.2B acquisition

And we have three more for you: When a VC inevitably asks about your valuation expectations, it is a trick question: If your response is too high, it’s a red flag, whereas a lowball figure undervalues the company. “We’re letting the market price this round” is an appropriate reply, but only if you’ve already gathered […]

Create WordPress Plugins with OOP Techniques

Object-oriented code, among other things, can help organize and add reusability to your code. In this tutorial, I will teach you the basics of writing a WordPress plugin using object oriented techniques. We’ll be using Dribbble’s API as an example for this tutorial. Ready? Creating WordPress plugins with object oriented code is quite efficient and […]

TC Weekender: Nigeria limits cash withdrawals – TechCabal

Image source: Techcabal This week, the Nigerian government takes another stab at pushing the cashless economy agenda by imposing limits of individual and corporate cash withdrawals. Will it work, or is this another ill-advised move? Let’s wait to find out. In other news, the Central Bank of Kenya reinstates charges on mobile money transactions, Chipper […]