10 Creative Company Profile Examples to Inspire You [Templates]

People who find you online want to know about your company’s mission, vision, and, of course, how you can help them solve their problems. And, an impactful and memorable first impression can help you stand out in the digital world. How can you make sure that they have all that information at their fingertips? Well, […]

Maximize Your Site’s Performance by Choosing Your Primary Data Center

Do you want even more control over how your site is hosted? We’re excited to add a new feature to our hosting toolbox: you can now choose your primary data center when enabling hosting features on your WordPress.com Business site. While all sites on WordPress.com benefit from high-frequency CPUs, automatic data center failover, and worry-free […]

Little screens and productivity

If you want reach and engagement, optimizing for small screens is usually the way to go. There are more mobile devices in the world than we can count, and large numbers of people spend their days consuming content from the palm of their hand. But productivity? In just about every context I’m aware of, important […]

How We Paid Off $189,000 In Student Loans In 4.5 Years

Learning how much student debt my husband had was one of those moments in life that is absolutely seared into my memory. We were on the beach. I was 20, he was 26. We were in love. We were both born and raised in the Midwest, but he moved to the coast of southern Georgia […]

EG Capital Announces Successful Anchor Closing of its maiden … – African Business

EG Capital, a growth-oriented private equity impact firm, today announced the anchor closing of its first EG-Economic Empowerment Fund LP, which will invest in medium-sized businesses in the Food, Health, Education and Climate Resilience sectors in East Africa and Zambia.Alongside its IC members and smaller angel investors, the management team at EG Capital have committed […]

AI brain imaging startup In-Med Prognostics secures $2M to go global – Mobihealth News

Photo by: Phil Boorman/Getty ImagesIndian AI imaging company In-Med Prognostics has received $2.13 million in investment from Exxora and other angel investors. WHAT IT DOESEstablished in 2018, the company leverages deep learning and machine learning algorithms to generate brain scan analyses to aid the assessment and early detection of neurological disorders, including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and […]

With Bling, the fintech startup revolution spreads even to pocket money

Today, banks and fintech startups tend not to provide products dedicated to families, specifically, and this has appeared as something of a gap in the market. Meanwhile the general lack of financial education and financial literacy means families are missing out on securing financial prosperity for their families. GoHenry (which raised $121.2M), which bills itself as “smart banking […]