Tor Tried to Hide AI Art on a Book Cover, and It Is a Mess – Yahoo News

A few weeks ago, right here on io9, readers got their first look at the cover for Christopher Paolini’s newest Fractalverse novel, Fractal Noise. Almost immediately, people could see something was off about the artwork used on the cover.With some quick deduction, Twitter users realized that it was AI-generated art, which was originally posted to […]

Android SDK: App Resources

We are learning how to develop Android apps in this series. So far, we’ve looked at the structure of an Android app and explored user interfaces. In this tutorial, we will learn to work with the project resources. In this part of the series, we will examine the resource types you will most likely use […]

ChatGPT and DALL-E on Discord – Analytics India Magazine

In 2022, we saw text-to-image models like DALL-E2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion and conversational bots like ChatGPT. Then we saw many alternatives that were built on different languages. Now you can generate images, chat like ChatGPT, and more on a single Discord server. Developed by Kaveen Kumarasinghe (Kav-K), a computer engineering student at University of Waterloo, […]

48 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click

Think about all the times you’ve signed up for things in your life. Did you once download Evernote? Dropbox? Spotify? Maybe you’ve even taken a class on General Assembly. Each one of these signups is likely a result of an effective call-to-action (CTA). Think about it: If you hadn’t been drawn in by the copy […]

Will Bitcoin and Ethereum prices stagnate, sink or rebound in 2023?

Thanks to a months-long shakeout, the crypto market experienced one of the most drastic drawdowns in its history in 2022. But questions are arising about when (if?) major cryptocurrencies will recover. With a loss of more than half their value, one could argue that these cryptocurrencies can’t recover. But when you zoom out and look […]

AI VTuber Neuro-sama has just conquered osu, and she isn’t … – Dexerto

Trending streaming, TV, Movies and pop culture news, features and moreHailing from Perth, Andrew is Dexerto's Australian Managing Editor stranded in the middle of nowhere. They love telling stories across all games and esports, but they have a soft spot for League of Legends and Rainbow Six. Oh, and they're also fascinated by the rise […]

Redefining ‘founder-friendly’ capital in the post-FTX era

For many founders in the startup community, a “founder-friendly” investor is one who stays relatively hands off. They cut the check and then watch the executive team run their business without getting involved in the day-to-day. In 2021, investors overdid a version of “founder-friendly” capital that boiled down to founders continually raising capital and reaching […]