The AI Behind ChatGPT Looks to Visualize the World – Nextgov

Artystarty/Getty Images By John Breeden II In my previous NextGov column, I reviewed the new ChatGPT artificial intelligence, asking it to perform tasks as varied as programming in C++ to telling me a bedtime story. I even interviewed the AI about why some people are afraid of artificial intelligences and the importance of ethics as […]

Dispatch from Bangalore, end of 2022 edition

In 2014, Prayank Swaroop made a pitch to the storied venture firm Accel, where he worked as an associate, about future marketplaces in India. At the time, Flipkart and Snapdeal were the only two e-commerce startups in India that had shown a semblance of scale. Swaroop made a case that as more Indians come online, […]

Collective #745

The last inspirational website of the week is Constance Souville’s lovely portfolio which boasts a visually appealing and distinctive design with engaging details. Get inspired Transformational solutions and digital growth, enhance your shopify/e-commerce store and mobile app. Learn more A lightweight CMS for blogs, podcasts, documents and more. Self-hosted on Cloudflare. Check it out A […]

Solution Selling Is Exactly What Today’s Buyer Wants

Have you ever walked into a store, told the salesperson what your requirements were, and they pointed you in the direction of the solution that answered your needs? Congratulations! You’ve just been “solution-sold.”     Table of contents   Solution selling is a sales methodology in which the seller diagnoses the prospect’s problems or pain […]

DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney: How do AI art generators work, and should artists fear them? – Euronews

Throughout human history, technological progress has made some workers obsolete while empowering others. Workers in industries such as transport and manufacturing have already been strongly impacted by advancements in automation and artificial intelligence.Today, it’s the creative sector that’s on the line. Visual artists, designers, illustrators and many other creatives have watched the arrival of AI […]

10 Facebook Cover Photo Size & Design Best Practices [Templates]

When people arrive at your Facebook Page, where do you think they’ll look first? I’ll give you a few hints. It’s a visual piece of content that sits at the top of your Page. That’s right — it’s your Facebook cover photo. In this post, you’ll learn Facebook cover photo best practices with real-world examples […]

What to expect in 2023 in the Kenyan Tech Space – Techish Kenya

There are already a lot of policy changes that will directly affect our lives in 2023. And in this article, I will try to breakdown the different things you can expect to happen in the tech space in Kenya.With the beginning of each new year, we find that our brains try to find ways to […]

Flutterwave denies money laundering and fraud allegations … – TechCrunch

Flutterwave has come out to deny the fraud and money laundering claims leveled against it by Kenya’s Asset Recovery Agency, which investigates and recovers proceeds of crime.This is after a total of $52.5 million in 62 accounts linked to Flutterwave and six other companies that are recipients of wire transfers from the fintech were blocked […]