Here's the PC Hardware You Should Buy for Stable Diffusion – How-To Geek

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The world as it is

No one sees reality. It’s worth repeating: No one accurately sees the world as it is. A person with hearing loss doesn’t experience the world the same way a synesthete does. A rock climber doesn’t see a steep slope the same way an elderly person does. And an optimist and a pessimist rarely experience opportunities […]

South Park creator’s AI deepfake startup raises $20m – The American Genius

Hi, what are you looking for?Bleisure: The corporate concept that will definitely give you the ‘ickRetail sales are down in the busy months of November, DecemberFortnite fined $520m by Fed for tricking kids, violating privacyPackage delivery times improve 47% annually, but thefts spike 87%Amazon stole tips from delivery drivers, misled customersTwitter Blue for Business allows […]

10 digital twin trends for 2023 – VentureBeat

Check out all the on-demand sessions from the Intelligent Security Summit here. Interest in digital twins has picked up over the last year. Digital twin tools are growing in capability, performance and ease of use. They are also taking advantage of promising formats like USD and glTF to connect the dots among different tools and […]

Logic is a special case

We agree on so many things. Productive arguments are scarce, because they depend on shared constructs of reality. And arguments are a luxury, because they allow people to engage around ideas without resorting to external forces or authorities for resolution. An argument might be flawed because it relies on facts that aren’t in evidence. If […]

Meet This Artificial Intelligence Plugin Called Auto-Photoshop … – MarkTechPost

Stable diffusion is a technique used to smooth out images and reduce noise or graininess. It is often used in image processing and computer graphics to improve the quality and appearance of an image. Several different algorithms and methods can be used to implement stable diffusion. In general, these techniques involve analyzing the pixel values […]

Hershey sued in the US over alleged metal content in dark chocolate – Yahoo News UK

Chocolate manufacturer Hershey is being sued in the US over claims some of its products contain potentially harmful amounts of metal.Christopher Lazazzaro filed lawsuit against the company on Wednesday at a federal court in New York, claiming that Hershey did not disclose the amount of lead and cadmium in three of its dark chocolate bars.Mr […]

The year customer experience died

This was a rough year for customer experience. No matter how great your product or service, you will ultimately be judged by how well you do when things go wrong, and your customer service team is your direct link to buyers. If you fail them in a time of need, you can lose them for […]