Arguing for inaction

…is surprisingly easy. “We’ve done all this work and things haven’t gotten better,” so, apparently, we should stop trying and go back to what we were doing. “We’ve done all this work and things are getting better,” so that means that there’s no need to keep trying and we can go back to what we […]

How to Recession-Proof Your Real Estate Investments

The Guardian recently reported that the housing market will see a sharp cooldown in 2023 as the UK enters a recession. Housing and real estate property investors and experts believe that property prices are likely to decline by 5 to 12 percent as a result of this. In a worst-case scenario, this decline could be […]

AI art apps are cluttering the App Store's Top Charts following Lensa … – TechCrunch

Lensa AI’s popularity has had a notable impact on the App Store’s Top Charts. The photo and video editing app recently went viral over its new “magic avatars” feature, powered by the open source Stable Diffusion model, allowing users to turn their selfies into styled portraits of themselves as sci-fi, anime, or fantasy characters, among […]