Yet another Zomato co-founder leaves the firm

Zomato said on Monday its co-founder and chief technology officer Gunjan Patidar has left the firm, the latest in a series of departures at the Indian food delivery firm whose shares have lost over 57% of its value in the past year. Patidar is the fourth co-founder to leave the firm. His departure also follows […]

Lensa AI Selfie Generator App: How To Use Magic Avatars, Free … – Dataconomy

Lensa AI selfie generator is taking social media by storm. Internet users have been using a wide range of filters to edit their photographs for years, whether adding a virtual mask to their faces or making their backgrounds look exotic. Now, they have a new option called Lensa AI.Lensa is an app for Android and […]

Learn Kotlin for Android

While Java is one of the world’s most widely used programming languages and is pretty much the official language of Android development, it’s not necessarily the best option for your Android projects. Kotlin streamlines Java coding and fixes the superfluous features that get in the way. Kotlin classes are significantly more compact, less verbose, and […]

Leta, a Kenyan supply chain and logistics SaaS provider, raises $3 … – TechCrunch

Leta, a Kenyan B2B supply chain and logistics SaaS provider launched last year to optimize fleet management, is looking for growth opportunities in West Africa, even as it scales operations in its existing five markets.Leta’s proprietary route and load optimization technology is designed to boost efficiency in the delivery of goods to customers and reduces […]

Could a robot ever recreate the aura of a Leonardo da Vinci … – The Guardian

AI is already capable of mimicking human creativity. Whether or not it makes artists obsolete will be down to how they use it This month, the internet was flooded with stunningly ethereal digital art portraits, thanks to the work of the latest artificial intelligence-assisted application to go viral: Lensa. Users uploaded their photographs to the […]

Kenya's MarketForce raises $2M, plans to focus on its B2B retail … – TechCrunch

A 2016 study by global consultancy PwC states that an estimated 90% of sales in Africa’s major economies come through informal channels like markets and kiosks. In sub-Saharan Africa, 90% of these household retail transactions are carried out via a network of about 100 million MSMEs. Africa’s retail payments, mostly cash-based, is expected to reach $2.1 […]

It Doesn’t Get Easier!

It is human nature to want things to be easier. In 2005, Staples ran a marketing campaign featuring the “Easy Button.” The concept went viral–the thought that if we just did one thing, things after that would be easy. This thinking seems to persist today, dominating much of what we seek in our work. If […]

Open Assistant, the launch of a ‘ChatGPT replicant’ –

The latest trends and issues around the use of open source software in the enterprise.Newly launched and open source, Open Assistant represents the arrival of a ‘ChatGPT replicant’ for the user/developer community.The project’s intention is to create a chat-based large language model.Detailing the software’s core mechanics on the project’s GitHub page, the team is hoping […]

Product-led growth and profitability: What’s going on?

This data point may be specific to the moment we are in: First, because public tech companies overall are less profitable than a mere year ago. Second, because not so long ago, PLG companies had higher net income margin than their sales-led peers. But just because this reversal might be temporary doesn’t mean it isn’t […]

What Will Happen In 2023

I want to focus this post on the macro environment for tech, startups, web3, and climate because that is where my head is at right now. I believe that sometime in the first half of 2023, the central banks around the world will start backing off the tightening that they have been engaged in as […]