The year of AI art – Daily Times

Daily Times Your right to know Thursday, January 05, 2023 Reviews January 5, 2023 If 2021 was the year art NFTs burst into centerstage, then 2022 is when they were edged out by AI art. The last few months have only escalated the tremendous potential and concerns surrounding AI art, many of which will spill […]

Do We Need Generative AI?. How Will Generative AI Help Humanity … – Medium

PredictJan 4Member-onlyAs generative AI continues to advance rapidly, it is important to consider why we might need or want to use this technology.What problem does it solve? How does it benefit society?In order to answer these questions, we must start with the premise of why we use technology today.——where the future is writtenSerenaDaniel Deutschinthe art […]

“Customers Are Taking A More Measured Approach To Their Purchasing Decisions”

In announcing reductions at Salesforce yesterday, Marc Benioff was quoted, saying customers “are taking a more measured approach to their purchasing decisions.” We’re taking deep breaths, trying to understand what that means, looking at how we, sellers, respond and move forward. What does it take to succeed? Pile onto this all the shifts in buyer […]

From deepfakes to ChatGPT, misinformation thrives with AI … – Global News

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first.Rapid-fire advancements in artificial intelligence could help misinformation thrive in the year ahead, a new report is warning.That’s according to the Top Risk Report for 2023, an annual document from the U.S.-based geopolitical risk analysts at the Eurasia Group.The “weapons of mass disruption” that are emerging from […]

Apple Fitness+ to add kickboxing workouts, sleep meditation and more

As for the new sleep meditation, Apple says the theme is designed to help users release tension and anxiety. Apple will add new sleep meditations every week, and each practice can be done as part of a wind-down routine or while drifting off. To help users get started with sleep meditations, Apple is launching a […]

Meet four more startups pitching at the CCC Web3 Demo Day

Buckle up, because we’re set to reveal the next four startups that will deliver their best pitch to an audience packed with the kind of movers and shakers that could, if the stars align, improve the trajectories of these companies. We’re talking about leading investors like Calvin Du (OP Crypto), Ria Bhutoria (Castle Island Ventures) […]

Frosty fundraising environment may change early startups’ DNA for the better

But for burgeoning companies capable of building business models that reflect current conditions and rely less on venture capital to grow, the frosty environment could wind up being a good thing down the line. While some sectors need to raise a lot of capital to build a viable business, like space and defense or manufacturing, […]

Roku ends 2022 with new milestone, tops 70M active accounts

Roku’s active account milestone comes at a time when many companies struggle to boost user growth. “As consumers continue the shift to TV streaming, we’re excited that a growing number of people are taking the journey with Roku, and we’re proud to reach this meaningful milestone today,” said Roku Founder and CEO Anthony Wood, in […]

70 Fun (Not Cheesy) Ice Breaker Games & Activities Your Team Will Enjoy in 2023

Asking “How is everyone?” at the beginning of every meeting isn’t always the best ice breaker to encourage team bonding. Sometimes, having a fun ice breaker game or activity can aid in that connection. The best ice breakers have the power to strengthen coworker bonds, stimulate better brainstorming sessions, and create an atmosphere of inclusivity. […]