AI Adoption Explained: Artificial Intelligence Stats (2023 … – Dataconomy

AI adoption has become a main focus in the technology business and will not lose this position for a while according to recent artificial intelligence researches and reports. Although there are currently many people enjoying the benefits of being an early adopters of AI, this won’t last forever. Now more than ever, people are curious […]

RECHARGE: Live AMA with Manny Medina

Let’s kick off 2023 with something truly special. Who has also agreed to let you ask him anything you want! The post RECHARGE: Live AMA with Manny Medina appeared first on Sales Hacker. source

10+ Ways to Increase Your Productivity At Work & At Home

When you’re trying to meet personal and/or professional goals, one of the first things you evaluate is your productivity. Are you managing your time well? Are you checking off items on your to-do list? Or do you find yourself falling behind? If so, this article’s for you. Just because the average work day is between […]

2022’s Startup Layoffs Will Result In 2023 Startup Wind Downs

If 2022 was the year of the startup layoff, 2023 is going to be the year of the wind down. It will suck — for team members, for founders, for customers of these companies, and for their investors — but by the end of the year we’ll have gotten through the toughest part of the […]

Employer Branding: What It Is and How To Build It for Your Business

Table of Contents:  Employer branding is the reputation you have as an employer among your employees and the workforce. It’s also how you market your company to job seekers and internal employees.  If a job seeker asks an employee at your company, “What’s it like to work there?” the employee isn’t going to say, “We’ve […]

Artists Provoke Text Case With AI-Generated Mickey Mouse Image – The National Law Review

Several artists, frustrated with Artificially Intelligent (AI) image generators skirting copyright laws, are using similar image generators to produce images of Mickey Mouse and other copyrighted characters to challenge the current legal status of AI art. While an artist’s copyright in a work typically vests at the moment of fixation, including the right to prosecute […]

CES, NYE, SBF and FTX. Lol.

Here’s what we got into: CES, NYE, SBF and FTX. Lol. by Natasha Mascarenhas originally published on TechCrunch source

Drupal vs. WordPress: Which Is Better for You?

In this post, I will give you a detailed comparison of Drupal with WordPress. WordPress has been around for about two decades. It is a completely free and open-source content management system that you can use to build all kinds of websites. WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites. It will probably be […]