How Often to Publish on Social Media for Business? A HubSpot Experiment

With how quickly the internet changes, people can argue all day about how often to post on social media. Which networks should you use? How frequently should you post? And does the time you post really matter? Read on to get the answers to key questions about how often to post on social media for […]

A guide to the internet’s favorite generative AIs – Popular Science

Join PopSci+ to read science’s greatest stories. It’s just $1 per month » VALL-E is just the latest example. Here’s what to know about DALL-E 2, GPT-3, and more. By Harry Guinness | Published Jan 11, 2023 6:00 PM There’s a new AI on the block, and it can mimic someone’s voice from just a […]

The human cost of AI in photography – Amateur Photographer – Amateur Photographer

AdvertisementWhen the influential French painter Paul Delaroche roved his eye across a Daguerreotype around 1840, he bluntly declared: ‘From today, painting is dead.’ Painting survived and photography found its role as a new way to create and see. Since its inception, photography has faced myriad changes and challenges from technological developments. More recently these have […]

9 Best WordPress Plugins for 2023

How can software addons significantly affect website performance or give businesses a boost? You’re about to find out, and it’s a “feel good” narrative complete with examples. What follows applies to WordPress users. The software addons in question are WordPress plugins.  A best WordPress plugin is one that can accomplish a major or very important […]

Chris’ Corner: Performance Talk

We’ve zoomed right into 2023, so let’s keep up the pace and talk about making the web speedy. Uhm but anyway I do have some choice web performance links I’ve been saving up for you this week though. The result is just a massive improvement in how fast the useful content renders. Server-side rendering (SSR) […]

Build a company, not a feature

A lot of entrepreneurs are incredible idea generators and hackers; they have a knack for seeing something that’s broken or something that could be better and creating a solution around that. The problem is this: It’s rare that even very good features make good companies. It’s rarer still that companies built on a feature make […]

Netflix refreshes its iPhone app with a more fluid design

It’s not just quality content that makes a streaming service stand out amongst its competitors. Improving the user experience is still an integral part of the fight to reduce churn. On Monday, Netflix rolled out updates to its iPhone app that introduced a revamped interface featuring a new billboard layout, new card transitions, new animation […]

Tony Cheng, Managing Partner at Foresight Ventures, on Crypto … – Cryptonews

In an exclusive interview with, Tony Cheng, Managing Partner at Foresight Ventures, talks about investing in China, investment trends of 2023, and various ways where the VC landscape changed in 2022.Tony Cheng is a Managing Partner at Foresight Ventures, where he covers Web3 investments for the firm while also acting as Head of Corporate […]