Overlords at the Easel – WhoWhatWhy

A Nonprofit News OrganizationDonate The retail employee who directs you to the self-scanning devices that promise to put him out of work is engaged in economic suicide. But it’s not his choice. He is ordered to do so by his boss.Human beings who voluntarily develop and perfect artificial intelligence elevate the perverse todestrieb to a […]

WhatsApp slapped for processing data without a lawful basis under EU’s GDPR

Another bill has come in for Meta for failing to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — but this one’s a tiddler! Meta-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, has been fined €5.5 million (just under $6M) by the tech giant’s lead data protection regulator in the region for failing to have a lawful […]

LA Inno – 14 L.A. startups to watch in 2023 – L.A. Business First

Welcome to L.A. Inno’s inaugural Startups to Watch list, a collection of early-stage startups poised for growth in the years to come. We’re highlighting startups that have shown early signs of impact and those with the potential to do so. This year’s list features startups across a broad variety of industries — from manufacturing robotic […]

Top 5 free AI art generators of 2023 – Sportskeeda

AI art generators are programs that use machine learning algorithms to produce art. They are capable of creating unique artwork each time by combining several different media, such as images, sound, and text. They can also be used to generate an entirely new piece of art from scratch.In recent years, the use of AI in […]

Sophia Amoruso launches Trust Fund for founders

“I’ve seen the full gamut of what worked and what didn’t,” the entrepreneur said in an interview with TechCrunch. “It’s the not-so-great stuff that I can often help founders anticipate, or just avoid.” Trust Fund, named ironically, Amoruso says, because “nobody handed anything” to her, is launching with a $5 million target, targeting a check […]

Verify an Email Address Without Sending an Email

Optimizing the success rate of your marketing campaigns is easier when you have valid, verified email addresses for all your potential customers. Collecting accurate information helps ensure no emails are overlooked or lost in spam folders and can help reduce bounce rates due to invalid addresses. Here’s how to verify an email address without sending […]

Epic and Match’s antitrust case against Google heads to jury trial on November 6

A date has been set for a trial by jury in a significant antitrust case against Google involving its alleged abuses of power in the Android app market. Fortnite maker Epic Games and dating app giant Match Group, joined by over three dozen state Attorneys General, have accused Google of unfairly leveraging its market dominance […]