ChatGPT doesn't know where the world's copper comes from, AI … –

There’s no shortage of breathless reports about the latest advances in artificial intelligence ushering in the 4th industrial revolution (whatever that is) and changing the world of work forever. Even the most skilled workers are supposed to fear for their jobs as chatbots like ChatGPT answer questions and solve problems that would take humans hours or […]

Payments remain the darling of the fintech space

And I’m not foolish enough to try and make any real predictions about the state of fintech in 2023. Instead, I’m going to highlight some specific findings of that report that stood out to me and that I didn’t already write about. Digital lending funding was down 53% to $11.5 billion in 2022. Dollars raised […]

Effective Ways to Prepare Your Career for the Future

How will your career progress in the following years? What will happen to the industry and company you work in as time goes on? While we can’t possibly predict the future, we know that we live in turbulent, rapidly changing times. If your knowledge or experience ever falls short in such an environment, your career […]

WB Trading Reviews Tips for Developing A Winning Day Trading Strategy

Now, it’s time to develop an effective trading system that works for you. WB Trading reviews what a sound system should have. It includes strategies for entering positions (buying or selling) and setting stop losses (to minimize losses if a trade goes against you). You should also consider setting profit targets (to maximize profits if […]

AI Art Exhibition Vandalized at Champlain College – Seven Days

Seven Days needs your financial support!cars/trucks bicycles sell your ridehealth/wellness home/garden post your serviceall merchandise sell your stuffall categories post your classapartments homes for sale for sale by owner post your listingbrowse notices post a noticeIf you’re looking for “I Spys,” dating or LTRs, this is your scene. January 19, 2023 Arts + Life » Visual […]

Workplace Safety: The Essential Guide

Running any major business will involve a certain degree of risk. This is certainly true in industries such as construction, but also in an office setting. Many businesses lose a lot of their funds simply because they neglect the value of implementing good safety standards. Employees get injured and there are potential lawsuits piling up, […]

Climate tech roundup: Food waste, wastewater, and the UK’s troubled battery industry

Image Credits: Mill Industries   Image Credits: Guillermo Legaria Schweizer/Getty Images Britishvolt was always a bit of a long shot, but the battery manufacturing startup appears to have missed its target completely. This week, it announced it was declaring bankruptcy, having made little headway on its planned $4.7 billion gigafactory. Image Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech Space programs […]