Spotify cuts 6% of its workforce, impacting 600 people

“In hindsight, I was too ambitious in investing ahead of our revenue growth. And for this reason, today, we are reducing our employee base by about 6% across the company. I take full accountability for the moves that got us here today,” he added. “We still spend far too much time syncing on slightly different […]

Your 2023 Financial To-Do List (15 Things To Check Off)

Managing your whole life, especially your financial life, can be difficult.  There are so many things to remember and so many things you’ve said you’ll get to – I know I’ve been there.  If you’re like many people, you either procrastinate or you simply can’t find the time to squeeze everything in. If this is […]

Remote work revolution helps Deel reach $295M in ARR

That’s up 417.5% from $57 million in ARR achieved at the end of 2021. Bouaziz also told TechCrunch that Deel is profitable, having been EBITDA positive since September. Further, Deel claims that it makes in profits a margin of 85%. In other words, for every dollar in revenue generated, it retains 85 cents. Deel says […]

McKinsey, eyeing the MLOps space, buys Tel Aviv-based Iguazio

“We analyzed more than a 1,000 AI companies worldwide and identified Iguazio as the best fit to significantly accelerate our AI offering — from the initial concept to production, in a simplified, scalable and automated manner,” McKinsey senior partner Ben Ellencweig said in a statement. Over time, he added, the Iguazio and QuantumBlack teams will […]

Microsoft invests billions in ChatGPT creator OpenAI – The Washington Post

Sign inThis article has been updated to reflect Monday’s announcement.New artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 have gone viral as free, online toys that anyone can use to generate text or art. Now Microsoft is making a big bet that they can be something much more: the future of knowledge work.After years of […]

Forspoken review: Square Enix’s risky new IP arrives half-baked

Everyone is excited for Final Fantasy XVI, but in an age of endless sequels the fresh and original action RPG Forspoken has gamers hoping that a fun new franchise is being minted. Unfortunately, Square Enix’s risky bet doesn’t quite pay off: It’s an ambitious but disjointed experience that feels for all the world like none […]

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch M2 Max review

Taken as a whole, I don’t think I’ve ever liked an Apple laptop more than I like the 2022 MacBook Air, and I don’t anticipate that changing soon — at least not until the 2023 Air arrives, perhaps. Even with this month’s arrival of two new Pro models, last year’s Air remains the best mainstream […]

Germany is looking into PayPal’s terms for merchants

The regulator is concerned that restrictions PayPal imposes on merchants could be harming competitors and inflating costs for consumers by restricting price competition. Clauses in PayPal’s terms the FCO said it’s examining include traders not being allowed to offer their goods and services at lower prices if customers choose a cheaper payment method than PayPal; […]