How African startups raised venture capital in 2022

Most tech observers share Cuvelier’s thoughts on VC activity in Africa. However, it’s noteworthy to point out that deals reported in Africa lag their global counterparts by several weeks or months, so the continent most likely went flat year-on-year. As we’ve done in previous years, let’s peep into 2022 numbers from the three data trackers […]

The Year Ahead in Generative AI – Gizmodo

At this very moment, I could boot up OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT and ask it to write this article for me. Or I could ask it to “write a lullaby about a cool goose who just wants to honk.” I could pull up Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, or any number of AI art generators and […]

What’s going on in the Dutch startup scene?

I find something very intriguing about members of a royal family working to further the startup scene for a particular country. In a magnificently frank conversation, I spoke with HRH Prince Constantijn, fourth in line to the throne of the Netherlands, at CES earlier this month. We discussed the Dutch ecosystem, the role of government […]

The best Twitter alternatives worth checking out

We’ll be straight with you. There’s no 1:1 Twitter replacement — not yet, and possibly not ever. We don’t just have to use social apps because they’re there and they’re really sticky. Users should get something out of the exchange, particularly on ad-supported services. Whether that means building a following for your fledgling business or […]

Five Reasons to Invest In Field Service Software For Your Startup Business

The advent of off-site operations raises the inescapable need for a system of managing, supervising, and coordinating activities in field service management. Field service management offers the much-needed opportunity to manage field operations remotely. If you run a start-up business, you can attest to the fact that this results in better overall performance, streamlined operations, […]

The current legal cases against generative AI are just the beginning

As generative AI enters the mainstream, each new day brings a new lawsuit. Some image-hosting platforms have banned AI-generated content for fear of legal blowback. And several legal experts have cautioned generative AI tools could put companies at risk if they were to unwittingly incorporate copyrighted content generated by the tools into any of products […]

Should Your Business Invest in Technology Now?

The big takeaway Need proof?  “When there are challenges, that’s the most important time to innovate, because that’s when customers expect new, value-added experiences. They have a different view of normal and how to use your products and services,” said Guive Balooch, global VP of L’Oreal’s technology incubator.  Why now? Want to save money, improve […]

Uber Eats now shows you how much of your information is shared with delivery people

The feature will show how much of your information is shared with your courier at every stage of the delivery. For instance, when you request a delivery, the courier will see your approximate delivery location. When the courier accepts the delivery, they will see your first name and last initial, along with your exact delivery […]

Meet This Artificial Intelligence Plugin Called Auto-Photoshop-StableDiffusion That Lets You Use The Capabilities of Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion in Photoshop – MarkTechPost

Stable diffusion is a technique used to smooth out images and reduce noise or graininess. It is often used in image processing and computer graphics to improve the quality and appearance of an image. Several different algorithms and methods can be used to implement stable diffusion. In general, these techniques involve analyzing the pixel values […]

How to Choose the Right Kind of SSL/TLS Certificate for Your Website

The first step in choosing the suitable certificate for your organization is understanding the security level your website needs. Consider the type of data you’re dealing with, how sensitive it is, and who will access it. For example, suppose you are dealing with payment information or customer data. In that case, a higher-level certificate like […]