A Vine mess: The choice between rebooting and reviving old software

In October 2022, after completing the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk asked his team to work toward bringing Vine back to market. The team is likely now asking themselves if they should try to revive the old codebase or start from scratch. Are the problems Vine is facing even technical in nature, or does it […]

Digs is a Figma-like collaboration tool for home builders and suppliers

Image Credits: Digs “[Ty and I] both built homes, so we understand the homeowner side. And then the technology side around computer vision and machine learning, we both have some pretty good experience there, too,” Fink explained. “So we wanted to try to figure out how you can create a digital understanding of the home […]

What is Bridge Page and Why Should You Use It?

No matter the terminology you use — pre-landers, presell pages, or gateway pages — website bridge pages are a valuable marketing tool that helps qualify leads, rather than simply converting any visitor who discovers a landing page. This article will not provide statistical data on conversion rates related to bridge pages; its focus is practical […]

Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 Ultra arrives with a 200-megapixel camera

Common wisdom in digital photography says that megapixels aren’t everything. They matter to an extent, but smartphone makers have a long history of leaning too heavily on those numbers as a kind of shorthand for camera quality. In other words, they play an important role but need to work in concert with a number of […]

What does a 2023 IPO or lack of it mean for Flutterwave? – TechCabal

Flutterwave's co-founder and CEO Olugbenga Agboola The million-dollar question in the African tech ecosystem is whether the fintech giant, Flutterwave, will move ahead with its plans to float an initial public offering (IPO) this year. Flutterwave has long been one of the shining lights of the African startup space. But a combination of a bearish […]

Damus, another decentralized social networking app, arrives to take on Twitter

But Damus is not a venture-backed startup. Instead, it’s another experiment in decentralized social networking. The app’s promise is an open social network without a central authority that makes decisions about the network’s content or who’s allowed to participate, as Facebook or Twitter do. Instead, explains the app’s homepage, “you are in control…there is no […]

Where startups are cutting spending, in 3 charts – Fortune

Tech companies are pinching their pennies—from industry behemoths like Google and Microsoft to small-scale startups. If you want to see exactly how, look at their credit card bills. Brex, a corporate card and expense management fintech unicorn, published new data on this today—laying out how their customers, which include 10,000 seed, early-stage, and late-stage startups, were […]