Wikipedia unblocked in Pakistan after Prime Minister’s intervention

Pakistan has unblocked Wikipedia in the South Asian market, three days after the online encyclopedia was censored in the nation over noncompliance with removing what the local regulator deemed as “sacrilegious” content. Shehbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, directed the unblocking order, calling the censorship on Wikipedia “not a suitable measure to restrict access […]

Hackers exploiting two-year-old VMware flaw to launch large-scale ransomware campaign

Cybercriminals are actively exploiting a two-year-old VMware vulnerability as part of a ransomware campaign targeting thousands of organizations worldwide. Reports emerged over the weekend that VMware ESXi servers left vulnerable and unpatched against a remotely exploitable bug from 2021 were compromised and scrambled by a ransomware variant dubbed “ESXiArgs.” ESXi is VMware’s hypervisor, a technology that […]

Labor marketplace ShiftMed secures $200M to solve nursing shortage

ShiftMed said the new funding will be used to expand its national footprint to narrow that gap in needed personnel. Its mobile and cloud-based software provides perks to nurses like guaranteed shifts, instant or next-day pay, transportation via Uber Health and health benefits. For hospitals and other healthcare organizations, it provides access to additional local […]

Quora opens its new AI chatbot app Poe to the general public

To use Poe — which stands for “Platform for Open Exploration” — iOS users will have to create an account that’s verified with both a phone number and email address. They can then switch between three different AI chatbots available at launch. These include the general knowledge chatbots Sage, Claude and Dragonfly. Both Sage and […]

EV SPAC Canoo agrees to sell $52M in stock to stay alive

Canoo has agreed to sell 50 million shares at a steeply discounted price as the cash-strapped EV company seeks the money it needs to keep its operations running. The gross proceeds from the offering are expected to be about $52.5 million, the company said. Canoo has repeatedly warned that it’s low on cash and will […]

Binance acquires majority stake in Korean crypto exchange GOPAX

The new capital from Binance will enable GOPAX customers to make withdrawals and interest payments to normalize the Korean crypto trading platform. GOPAX had more than 600,000 users as of March 2021, per its website.  “The Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI) was created to support promising companies that were negatively impacted by the events of last […]

Chris’ Corner: Dreamy, Folded, Bendy CSS

I was attracted by their slight blur and the subtle glowing effects, and wondered what kind of filter function was used. But then she told me it’s just because the camera lens wasn’t wiped clean. Turns out you can get that same kind of “dreamy” effect with some fancy dancing with filters. I probably should […]

And then that happened

The world changes and we have a choice: • Fight hard to keep it the way it was. • Notice what happened and then decide to do something with that insight. Thirty years ago, AOL was my company’s biggest client. They charged users $3 an hour to use their precursor to the internet, and paid […]