GM locks in exclusive US semiconductor chip production with GlobalFoundries

Automakers have struggled in recent years to secure the semiconductor chips needed in today’s modern and increasingly tech-laden vehicles. The shortage has chipped away at profits, periodically idled factories and left automakers with unfinished vehicles that consumers are ready to buy. Now, GM has struck a deal with GlobalFoundries to alleviate that problem. The two […]

Flipboard launches its notes feature on iOS and Android

The notes feature offers an easy way to share ideas or start conversations, the company says. Flipboard’s curators can now publish original content into their magazine in order to engage with their readers in a conversation. You can also use a note to welcome new followers, or share your thoughts and ideas with them. You […]

Pain Points: How to Empathize with Customer Problems and Solve Them

Humans have an inherent negative bias, meaning we tend to register negative stimuli more readily and dwell on those experiences more often. The same phenomenon applies to customers and their pain points. By identifying and addressing customer pain points in your marketing and sales efforts, you can create a more compelling strategy that will make […]

Women-founded AI startups see a boost in VC funding

Funding to U.S.-based AI companies with at least one woman founder has steadily increased over the past few years, according to Crunchbase data. Women-founded AI startups see a boost in VC funding by Dominic-Madori Davis originally published on TechCrunch source

Sales Management: The Ultimate Guide (Process, Best Practices, & Tools)

Sales management is a key with the potential to unlock huge returns that impact a company’s revenue and growth. Think about it this way: Sales managers oversee the team that communicates directly with your prospects and customers on a daily basis. So, if a msales manager helps 10 reps sell 20% more, they’ve essentially just […]

Amex and Microsoft turn to AI to make expense reports less horrible

According to Amex, the initial solution will leverage machine learning and AI to automate expense reporting and approvals. This goes beyond simply learning how to classify certain expenses, as many of today’s tools already do. Instead, the new system will implement an AI-powered decision engine that understands the company’s own travel and expense (T&E) policy […]

An Open Source Approach to Creating Company Events

Serendipitous connections, like discovering a shared interest with someone in line at the coffee shop, look slightly different in distributed organizations. This year, leveraging the values of open source, Automattic shared the planning and organization of a company-wide 24-hour online event among the entire company, in order to create space for serendipitous connections.  What followed […]