The magic of a page a day

In 1979, the page-a-day calendar was born. It’s basically a book on its side, but the user rips off a page each day. My friend Michael Cader took this concept and ran with it, creating calendars that sold millions of copies. Of course, everyone knows what day it is, and if you really need to […]

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE is EV perfection in a humdrum shell

It’s also very expensive, big and exclusive. Thankfully, there’s now a more affordable option — well, slightly more affordable, anyway. Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz EQE: an all-electric sedan that’s about a foot shorter, 230 ponies less powerful, goes 45 fewer miles on a charge and, crucially, costs $30,000 less. Despite all that, don’t call this […]

Can your startup survive the economic downturn?

All startups have to navigate the turbulent economic climate of 2023. But whether your company can survive depends on a lot of factors, including the viability and originality of your idea and the amount of cash you have in the bank. There are ways to merely survive, of course, to hunker down and weather the […]

Weee! grocery startup says customer data stolen in data breach

The statement said that the company does not retain customer payment information and as such was unaffected. The seller also says that the type of device used by customers to place orders, such as iPhone or Android, was taken in the breach. A Weee! spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment and […]

Taiwan fines car renting giant iRent for customer data spill

The database contained customers’ full names, cell phone numbers, email and home addresses, partial credit card numbers and at least 100,000 customer identification documents, as well as selfies, signatures and rental vehicle details. The database was updating with new customer data in real time. Days after the database was secured, Taiwanese government inspectors were sent […]

Digital rights defenders infiltrate alleged mercenary hacking group

He said he made the discovery late in the day, but he immediately started “badgering” the EFF’s lawyers to get permission to register the domain and sinkhole it. The next day, Quintin got the green light and effectively infiltrated Dark Caracal’s hacking operation. As of this writing, he’s still stealthily monitoring the hackers’ activities. And […]