Today’s TechCrunch Live: Why cybersecurity is still hiring and spending with Vanta and Sequoia

Layoffs. They’re everywhere throughout Silicon Valley. While it seems like every company is cutting, some industries are on an upward swing, including cybersecurity. I’m excited to have Vanta CEO Christina Cacioppo and Sequoia partner Andrew Reed to speak on Vanta’s growth, particularly around hiring when everyone else is firing. Christina Cacioppo started Vanta in 2016 […]

Snap introduces ray tracing technology for its AR lenses to enhance realism

The company notes that it’s the first to offer ray tracing capabilities on mobile at this scale. Ray tracing technology is typically incorporated into offline applications, such as console games, but Snap is now bringing the ultra-realistic quality to mobile. Ray tracing simulates the way light behaves in the physical world by using an algorithm […]

Caretakers, ageism and other topics venture needs to stop overlooking

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Following with our theme of covering the silent changemakers in tech, Berkowitz has done much more than invest: she’s an advisor at Eric Schmidt’s office, a social entrepreneur who was a former […]

Apkudo, a platform for managing connected devices, raises $37.5M

Co-founder and CEO Josh Matthews says that the proceeds will be put toward expanding Apkudo’s engineering teams, building out the company’s go-to-market function and establishing a physical presence outside of the U.S. “Management chose to raise now so that we can respond appropriately to the intense market demands for the Apkudo platform,” Matthews said. “Our […]

Roku soars past revenue expectations as it bets on streaming devices to boost growth

However, the company’s Q1 2023 guidance is still cautious of the current macro environment. Roku predicts a total net revenue of $700 million. Plus, Roku had a 19% year-over-year increase in global streaming hours, with a total of 87.4 billion streaming hours in 2022 and 23.9 billion for the fourth quarter. “We plan to continue […]