Consultant vs. Contractor: What's the Key Difference?

While these roles provide valuable services, they have key differences — namely, in the work they carry out and their level of expertise. Here, we’ll explore the role of contractors and consultants, and pinpoint the differences between the two. A contractor provides a specific service within a set period of time. They typically possess specialized […]

Hong Kong shows desire to be crypto hub with new regulation

The city’s Securities and Futures Commission did not specify which large tokens would be allowed, though a spokesperson from the regulatory body said they would likely be Bitcoin and Ether, two of the biggest digital assets by market value. With Hong Kong’s introduction of a more relaxed regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies, some of these Chinese-founded […]

Chris’ Corner: Trends, Beziers, and the Free Betterment of Subgrid

Speaking of grokking, have you gotten CSS subgrid to sink in yet? Maybe this will help: when you use the subgrid keyword, you’re telling the template columns, rows, or both, to inherit the grid lines from the parent element. It’s extraordinarily useful. It’s also weird to see Chrome seemingly dragging its feet on it, with […]

Five Steps To Design Your Product With Powerful Storytelling

I can’t imagine the digital world without the magic of storytelling. While I consider storytelling as an art, it is also a discipline that has its roots in Ancient Greece and Aristotle’s writing: Poetics: In this essay, the Greek philosopher identified for the first time the three main components of a story: beginning, middle, and […]

Quell’s gamified home fitness tech drums up $10M

Home fitness had a huge moment at the outset of the pandemic — and understandably so. People were stuck at home, gyms closed and suddenly workout options seemed to dramatically decrease. As with the teleconferencing revolution, plenty of startups were waiting in the wings to pounce on the sudden opportunity. As predicted, when the world […]