Google rolls out tests that block news content for some users in Canada

Google has launched tests that block access to news content for some users in Canada in response to the Canadian government’s online news bill. Bill C-18, or the Online News Act, would require platforms like Facebook and Google to negotiate deals that would pay news publishers for their content. The bill is currently before the […]

Two days in the Bay

It was genuinely a bit surreal seeing deep green hills in the South Bay last week. Growing up in Fremont, I know the change from brown to green is about as close as we get to having seasons, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen them, I’d genuinely forgotten they can exist. It’s an […]

Win Rates

As much as we obsess on winning, hitting our goals, earning commissions; we are actually pretty bad at it. Over the years, the data demonstrates how badly we actually do. Fewer sellers achieving quota, more customers choosing not to buy, more customers choosing not to engage sellers. Everything is going in the wrong direction. While […]

EU asks who should fund future networks, as telcos eye Australia-style Big Tech bargaining code

The question is who will end up paying for the necessary infrastructure upgrades? And what might high-level decisions about connectivity infrastructure mean for digital innovation generally and for web users’ access to online services? While the Commission hasn’t yet settled publicly on an approach to the question of funding network infrastructure into the future it […]

Twitch’s new experiments hub tells streamers what’s being tested each month

“Sometimes I think we have been guilty of providing less clarity on what we’re doing because we’re doing a lot of things when we experiment and it can be kind of hard to always keep the community abreast of it,” Twitch Chief Product Officer Tom Verrilli told TechCrunch. “But I think they very rightly expect […]

Is ocean conservation the next climate tech? 7 investors explain why they’re all in

For an ecosystem that covers a majority of the planet, the oceans have basically been ignored by startups and investors alike. Sure, plenty of money is spent on ocean-based industries, but most of today’s marine investments are into either extractive industries like fishing or oil and gas, or activities like shipping, which aren’t extractive but […]

How To Quickly Edit a Robots.txt File In WordPress

Are you unsure of what a robots.txt file is? Do you need to make changes to the robots.txt file, but don’t know how to access it? A robots.txt file is crucial for any website as it helps to control the behavior of search engines and other web robots. The text file acts as a set […]