The Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO

List three things you’ve done this year that pertain to search engine optimization (SEO). Do these tactics revolve around keyword research, meta descriptions, and backlinks? If so, you’re not alone. When it comes to SEO, these techniques are usually the first ones marketers add to their arsenal. While these strategies do improve your site’s visibility […]

Are PQLs the New MQLs in Sales? Here’s What You Need to Know

For many years, B2B companies have focused on filling the top of their inbound sales funnel with leads and then filtering out those who aren’t qualified to buy. While this method of determining marketing and sales qualified leads might’ve worked in the past, focusing on product qualified leads (PQLs) is a better way to reach […]

How are global chipmakers preparing for the US-China chip war?

“Great results can be achieved with small forces,” Sun Tzu wrote in “The Art of War” some 2,500 years ago. That quote is so old it’s now an adage. But it appears the U.S. isn’t content to wager that small actions can achieve the wide-ranging impacts necessary to gain an edge over China in the […]

Scooters and social media companies are surprising IPO candidates

Now, the news. Here’s what we got into: A big thanks to Becca for spending so much time with the Equity crew over the last few months while also hosting Found. We are back Monday with Alex! Chat soon! Scooters and social media companies are surprising IPO candidates by Natasha Mascarenhas originally published on TechCrunch […]

Telecom giant Airtel eyes a stake in Paytm

Airtel is engaging with Paytm to explore sale of the Airtel Payments Bank business in exchange for shares in the younger financial services firm, according to two people familiar with the matter, in a move that can be seen as the telecom giant conceding the payments market. The second largest Indian wireless operator has also […]

Rebuy is out to change the customer buying experience, one personalization at a time

The round was led by M13, with Dynamism Capital, R-Squared Ventures and existing investors Peterson Ventures and Sidekick Partners joining in. Ben Jabbawy of Privy and Nik Sharma also came on as strategic investors. This follows a $4.4 million seed round in 2021, led by Peterson Ventures. Rebuy, founded in 2017 by brothers John Erck […]

Ask–Don’t Guess–Don’t Assume…..

In our roles as leaders or as sellers, I think we, often, do a variant of this. Instead of asking, we make a guess or we make an assumption. The majority of the time, we are wrong! We’ve guessed incorrectly or made assumptions, based on what we think we know or want to believe. Yet […]