Motorola’s Rizr is back as a concept phone with a rollable screen

Three years after the debut of its wildly popular Razr phone, Motorola gave the world the Rizr. While beloved by many, the product never managed to capture the same level of cultural cache as its predecessor. The two devices shared some key design languge, with the Rizr distinguishing itself by way of a display that […]

The VC’s Customer

I saw Dan Primack assert that the venture capitalist’s customer is their limited partners in this tweet about the Citizen app, the recap, and their VCs: I DM’d Dan to let him know that is not the right way to think about the venture capital business. The entrepreneur is the customer and the LP is […]

Bending Spoons lays off 129 Evernote staffers

Layoffs took place at Evernote on Friday, February 17, an Evernote spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch, affecting 129 people. “This was a difficult — yet necessary — decision as we pursue our ambitious plans for Evernote,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch via email. “The company has been unprofitable for years and the situation was unsustainable in the […]

Reddit now lets you search comments within a post

Reddit says it’s made several improvements to its search functionality over the past few months. In October, the company introduced text search within images, which means that users gained the ability to search for their favorite memes that have text in them. In addition, Reddit says its subreddit search algorithm has been enhanced to surface […]

Astroscale closes new funding to grow in-orbit servicing and orbital debris cleanup tech

Separately, Astroscale also announced a new partnership with Mitsubishi Electric to jointly develop and manufacture satellite buses for Japanese national security constellations. The buses will be outfitted with an Astroscale docking plate so that the buses can be docked with and moved in the event that they are unable to de-orbit themselves at the end […]