Will AI Replace Sellers?

Looking through my feeds, today, it seems people are fixated on ChatGPT and similar tools. More importantly, people are asking the question and taking surveys on the topic, “Will AI replace sales people?” I guess, having so many years working in selling and with sellers, these questions provoke a bored yawn. Been here, done that…… […]

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Personal Loan

A personal loan is borrowed money that can be used for starting a business, debt consolidation, large purchases and emergency expenses, and much more. These loans are paid in monthly installments for a few months or more.  Before taking personal loans, you may try negotiating for a lesser price or a small purchase. In this […]

The sky isn’t falling for cloud software spend

If you read the startup press, you might think that everyone in tech is still nursing a stiff hangover from the zenith of the 2021 boom. While there is much talk of cutting spending, conserving capital, trimming staff and hunkering down, there’s also quite a lot of good news out there. The Exchange explores startups, […]

Wonder Dynamics puts a full-service CG character studio in a web platform

Yes, it sounds a bit like overpromising. Your skepticism is warranted, but as a skeptic myself I have to say I was extremely impressed with what the startup showed of Wonder Studio, the company’s web-based editor. This isn’t a toy like an AR filter — it’s a full-scale tool, and one that co-founders Nikola Todorovic […]

Microsoft makes it easier to integrate quantum and classical computing

“With this Integrated Hybrid feature, you can start to use — within your quantum applications — classical code right alongside quantum code,” Krysta Svore, Microsoft’s VP of Advanced Quantum Development, told me. “It’s mixing that classical and quantum code together that unlocks new types, new styles of quantum algorithms, prototypes, sub routines, if you will, […]

Today’s startups should terrify you

A steady stream of new startups pitch their ideas, concepts, products and services on a daily basis to TechCrunch reporters: Startups that claim to predict when employees might want to leave for a new job; that think they can detect depression using someone’s voice; that experiment by using chatbots on patients with depression; that scrape […]