For fintechs in 2022, the bigger the exit, the larger the decline in value

While the public market correction has been widespread, tech and fintech stocks have seen the largest declines, according to a recent report. Currently, the Fintech Index comprises 55 companies across B2B SAAS, payments, banking, wealth and asset management, lending, insurance and proptech. “The biggest shift in 2022 was that public investors for the first time […]

Regulators are requesting SVB employees to stay on for the next 45 days

Founders and venture capitalists aren’t the only ones experiencing volatility right now: Silicon Valley Bank employees are seeing their jobs in flux as their employer falls apart. SVB, which was closed down yesterday, is now being run by regulators. And while employees are no longer employed by the bank, they got an e-mail from “the […]

Revisiting stamps for email

This creates an asymmetric attention problem. The selfish, short-term-thinking sender benefits by emailing as many people as possible, and the recipients suffer. This doesn’t happen with traditional mail, because there’s a cost to sending it. With GPT arriving, expect that spam is going to increase 100x, and that it will be eerily personalized, invasive and […]