5 ways GPT-4 outsmarts ChatGPT

First, though, what’s in a name? Although ChatGPT was originally described as being GPT-3.5 (and therefore a few iterations beyond GPT-3), it is not itself a version of OpenAI’s large language model, but rather a chat-based interface for whatever model powers it. The ChatGPT system that exploded in popularity over the last few months was […]

Reddit has been down for hours

The company has identified an internal systems issue and a fix “which may take some time to implement,” the company said. The fix was identified around 2:43 p.m. PDT. A Reddit spokesperson wouldn’t share more information with TechCrunch about what caused the outage or how long it’ll take to fix. On the web page, no […]

Duolingo launches new subscription tier with access to AI tutor powered by GPT-4

The Roleplay feature unlocks an AI chatbot that allows users to practice real-world conversation skills with characters in the app. Users will be chatting with an AI that is both responsive and interactive, thanks to GPT-4. The feature guides users through different scenarios. For instance, you can pretend to order coffee at a café in […]

Live Replay: How to create and close more pipeline in 2023

The shift from “growth at all costs” to “profitable growth” has given rise to a new era of B2B sales. One where marketing and sales must work together – with the sole focus of creating and closing more pipeline. The post Live Replay: How to create and close more pipeline in 2023 appeared first on Sales Hacker. […]

Daily SEO Fix: Exploring Subfolder Search with Moz Pro

A subfolder, also known as a subdirectory, is a way of organizing the pages on your website. They can be thought of as a way to divide up information or products, depending on your business. Within a subfolder, there can be more subfolders stacked within, like nesting dolls! Subfolders can be great for your website […]