6 Marketing AI Predictions to Watch in 2023

AI has gone mainstream, and it’s slowly creeping into the day-to-day lives of marketers. If you’re curious about where AI is going — and how you can leverage it — we’ve listed six AI predictions to watch in 2023. For example, suppose you need to write a video script to promote a product. To get […]

Leading From The Heart

I have watched so many leaders over the years in my various roles as lead investor, board member, board chair, investor, and advisor. And one thing I have learned from this front-row seat is that leading from the heart is very powerful. A leader can be the most brilliant product person, strategist, entrepreneur, and business […]

3 Consumer Behavior Predictions for 2023 [State of Consumer Trends Data]

Every year, consumers spend differently than the year before. This is because their preferences are evolving, their priorities are shifting, and their behaviors aren’t quite how they were before. So how are marketers supposed to meet their expectations in the new year? By making data-informed predictions. HubSpot Blog Research found that 17% of social media […]

Obsessing About What Our Customers Think Of Us

Why are we so obsessed about what customers think of us and our products? It’s a fascinating question. In some ways it’s very natural, as human beings we tend to be self centered, we are driven by our own interests, self interests. So as sellers, it’s natural to carry that same behavior into our jobs. […]