Goals vs Objectives: The Simple Breakdown

Everyone on your team should understand the difference between a goal and an objective. I know it sounds simple, but terminology confusion is one of the biggest causes of misalignment in business strategy. Here, we’ll explain the difference between goals and objectives and discuss some of the most effective goal-setting frameworks used by marketing professionals […]

15 Cost, Quote, and Estimate Calculators for WooCommerce for 2023

Do you want to make it easier for customers to get a quote or an estimate? Adding quote or estimate calculator plugins to your website helps customers make quick decisions and brings you fast business. WordPress calculator plugins make it easy to create quote and estimate forms so visitors can get instant cost estimates. That […]

Lending startup Kala is helping Latin American banks more easily offer credit

The company, co-founded by Manuel Alemán, Rodolfo Lazo and Paul Cattólica in 2022, is developing a vertical SaaS product for institutions, like banks and credit unions, that want to launch and operate their own credit products. Alemán, who has a background in microfinance, explained that lack of inclusion and access to capital in Latin America […]

Truecaller brings live caller ID to iPhone… but with a catch

The new caller ID feature will be offered only to users who are on the app’s premium tiers (priced at a range of tiers ranging from $0.99 per month per individual, through to $4.99/month when a user’s carrier is not supported and $9.99/month for family plans, with discounts on annual subscriptions). And it won’t be […]