James Murdoch’s fund slashes investment in Reliance-backed Viacom18

Viacom18, a joint venture between Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance and Paramount Global, did not say why Bodhi Tree slashed its pledged investment. The planned investment was initially scheduled to close by October last year, according to an earlier statement. Reliance, which owns majority of Viacom18, said in a statement that it’s contributing $1.32 billion to the […]

How Your Sales Meeting Agenda Is Killing Your Deals

My client in Cincinnati stopped me from turning on my laptop. I was preparing to share my company’s slide deck, but before I could start, he told me to put it away. He had a list of questions for me. He also mentioned that getting the questions right would end up with him signing my […]

Outlook Shortcuts: 39 Keyboard Shortcuts To Save You 15 Minutes A Day

Attention Microsoft Outlook users: These Outlook shortcuts will change the way you email. It’s great to have a mouse on hand, but with a little learning, you can work faster by using your keyboard for many of your inbox tasks. In fact, after taking just a few minutes to learn some shortcuts, you and your […]


That’s unlikely. You’re rarely going to get the freedom and resources to do your best work unfettered. The hard part (and the opportunity) is to figure out how to get comfortable with fettered. Because fettered is what’s on offer. Boundaries and scarcity aren’t simply impediments. They’re leverage points and opportunities. source