11 A/B Testing Examples From Real Businesses

But for many marketers out there, the tough part about A/B testing is often finding the right test to drive the biggest impact — especially when you’re just getting started. So, what’s the recipe for high-impact success? Truthfully, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe. What works for one business won’t work for another — and finding […]

“What Does This Mean?”

“What does this mean” is probably the most important question we and our customers are confronted with. And until we can deal with that question in a meaningful, deep way, we will not achieve what we should. We have tools which present us with endless facts, figures, data. They give us answers, directions. Sometimes, they […]

What About Seller FOMU?

But what about Seller FOMU/FOFU? Particularly as we look at these very difficult economic times. We read of reductions and layoffs. We see heightened demands for performance and hitting the numbers. The survivors of layoffs, have more on their plates–the numbers haven’t changed but the resources to do achieve them is fewer. Many organizations with […]