The braid out of balance

There are three strands, present for most everyone: Power (sometimes seen as status, or the appearance of status) Safety (survival and peace of mind) Meaning (hope and the path forward) The changes in our media structure, public health and economy have pushed some people to overdo one or the other and perhaps ignore a third. […]

7 Successful Sales Pitch Examples and Why They Work

Studying sales pitch examples from the best of the best should be mandatory for anybody crafting their own pitch. And 61% consider selling harder than it was five years ago. But best practices often conflict. I’ll dive into some of the principles that make for an ultra-effective sales pitch, and explore examples that illustrate them […]

How to Kick Off Your SaaS Sales Career

In this article, you’ll learn some positions you can consider in SaaS sales, expert tips for getting into the industry, and how to succeed in your first sales role. Table of Contents In addition to the great income potential, roles in SaaS tech often offer other perks, including What’s more, you’ll likely find plentiful job […]