Accessible Target Sizes Cheatsheet

Rage taps are annoying and frustrating. These wonderful occurrences in our interface when we need to tap twice or sometimes three times to continue our journeys. Of course, sometimes they happen because the website is too slow, but sometimes it’s the target size of interactive elements that is the culprit. So how big should our […]

An end to pop

Pop culture depends on scarcity. When there are only a few TV stations or a dozen radio stations, it’s likely that many of us watch or hear the same thing at the same time. And so a popular TV show or song from fifty years ago probably reached twenty times as many people as a […]

How To Perform A/B Testing in WordPress

A/B testing helps companies and online entrepreneurs optimize their websites by providing data-driven insights into how different versions of a web page can affect user behavior. Testing helps you determine what is required to achieve better results, whether you’re looking to sell more products, get more people to click on your affiliate link, have more […]

What kind of injuries are covered under Illinois workers comp?

As an employer in Illinois, it’s crucial to understand the state’s workers’ compensation laws to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees, as well as to protect your business from potential financial losses due to workplace injuries. Employees who suffer a traumatic physical injury during work are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This category […]