Let’s Celebrate the 2023 Marketing Champions

All marketers are storytellers, artists, tinkerers, and scientists by nature. So what sets Marketing Champions apart? Calling all #MomentMarketers, social savants, and campaign captains — take your career to the next level by applying for Salesforce’s Marketing Champions program. If you have a question about the product you’re adopting, need advice on studying for your […]

Ex-Fin Capital general partner, who led its investment in Pipe, starts new venture firm

A source with familiarity of internal happenings at Fin Capital alleges there was tension between Ackerson and managing partner and founder Logan Allin around portfolio company alternative financing startup Pipe — an investment into which Ackerson led and on whose board he sat. The exact circumstances around his departure are unclear.  When asked if the […]

With DeepFloyd, generative AI art gets a text upgrade

But one of the longstanding weaknesses of text-to-image AI models is, ironically, text. Even the best models struggle to generate images with legible logos, much less text, calligraphy or fonts. But that might change. DeepFloyd IF is available in open source, licensed in a way that prohibits commercial use — for now. The restriction was […]

How Digital Selling and Digital Marketing Work Together To Win Sales

Whenever I have a conversation about digital selling, the discussion quickly transitions to topics, like search engine optimization, Facebook Ads, or some other messaging-related category. In other cases, social media marketplaces come up, along with progress in ecommerce. As much as I appreciate these hot topics, they’re each connected to digital marketing. Digital selling is […]

Praktis lands $20M to help Indonesian D2C brands handle their supply chains

The startup, which handles everything from raw material purchases to order fulfillment for D2C brands and suppliers, announced today it has raised $20 million in Series A funding. The round was led by East Ventures (Growth fund), with participation from Triputra Groiup and SMDV. Praktis co-founder and chief executive officer Adrian Gilrandy told TechCrunch that […]