Reflections And An Apology

Recently, a very close friend referred to me as “David Downer,” referring to the SNL character Debbie Downer. While I suspect the comment was largely made in jest, with every joke there is a certain element of truth. It caused me to reflect, am I being too negative? I’m not apologetic about those positions, I […]

Generative AI Regulations – What They Could Mean For Your Business

“Most countries are just trying to ensure generative AI is subject to existing measures around privacy, transparency, copyright, and accountability,” said Danielle Gilliam-Moore, director, global public policy at Salesforce. The climate around GAI is moving at breakneck speed and regulators are trying to understand how the technology may affect businesses and the public. Here are […]

What is a Brand Champion? How to Leverage Them for Your Business

There’s nothing better than having people cheering for you on the sidelines and advocating for you in the rooms you’re not in, especially as a business owner. That’s where a brand champion comes in as someone who promotes your business to others and helps organically grow your loyalty base. Let’s dive into why you need […]

How Going the Extra Mile Helps With Success in Sales with Rex Biberston

Sales is a number-driven business. And if you want to win over your customers, you need to put in a lot of time, energy, and effort. But the only thing that will set you apart from your competitors is going the extra mile. Personalization makes all the difference in sales, and the way to your […]