YouTube will no longer be deleting videos from inactive accounts

There’s a trove of internet history lying in dusty corners of YouTube, not to mention the accounts of users who have since died, whose loved ones would probably prefer to have access to their digital archives. Though Google will still delete other old accounts, the YouTube owner updated its new policy so that it will […]

Supreme Court rules in favor of Twitter and Google, avoiding the issue of Section 230 for now

Justice Thomas delivered the court’s opinion: The nexus between defendants and the Reina [nightclub] attack is far removed. As alleged by plaintiffs, defendants designed virtual platforms and knowingly failed to do “enough” to remove ISIS-affiliated users and ISIS-related content—out of hundreds of millions of users worldwide and an immense ocean of content—from their platforms. Yet, […]

9 Essential Certificates for Consultants

If you have a consulting practice, you need to curate credibility to help secure business. Consulting certificates can help. Having the right certification can put you at the top of the list for potential clients. Plus, you’ll learn the knowledge and skills you need to do the job. In this article, we’ll share why consulting […]