Stoke Space has received repeated investments from the CIA’s venture arm

Stoke Space and In-Q-Tel have not publicly announced their relationship before. While In-Q-Tel is legally a separate entity from any government agency, it receives all of its funding from government partners, including the defense and intelligence community. In-Q-Tel Principal William Morrison confirmed he led the most recent investment, which closed at the end of February, […]

What you should know about internal developer portals

Helping developers do more in less time has become a priority for organizations. As the ambit of SaaS sprawls ever wider and DevOps grows more popular, companies are discovering that they need to alleviate the cognitive load on developers, who often have to be aware of all the microservices available to them. While this problem […]

UK court tosses class-action style health data misuse claim against Google DeepMind

The decision underscores the hurdles facing class-action style compensation claims for privacy breaches in the U.K. The complainants had attempted to scale this legal wall by seeking only “lowest common denominator damages” for each member of the claimed class — meaning they were suing for compensation calculated by considering “the irreducible minimum harm” suffered by […]

6 Tips To Win Customer Service During Peak Shopping Moments

We’re still not sure how an uncertain economy could impact the upcoming holiday shopping season. But one thing IS certain: Retailers have spent a lot of money acquiring new customers over the past few years, and they want that investment to pay off. It’s essential you focus on keeping existing customers loyal, and retail customer […]

Magic Leap’s CEO will discuss the future of AR at Disrupt’s Hardware Stage

The Magic Leap 2 headset, designed to improve productivity across multiple industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and defense, rings in at more than $3,000. We’re eager to hear Johnson’s take on AR’s move to enterprise, the future of consumer use and the 800-pound gorilla that is Apple’s yet-to-be-announced mixed-reality headset. Prior to joining Magic Leap, […]