Deal Dive: Gradiant is the new kind of unicorn worth getting excited about

Remember when it was actually interesting to see a startup becoming a unicorn? A company reaching the billion-dollar valuation mark used to be a rare event — hence the term ‘unicorn.’ But by 2020 and 2021, it was anything but. Every week was like, “Oh, another crypto unicorn? Great. Wow, the fifth neobank this month. Amazing. […]

Well that’s one way to hire a new CEO

Okay, that’s quite enough of the navel gazing, let’s get on to what happened in the world of startups. Startups are acquired mostly for their staff all the time. Investors generally don’t love it when that happens — it’s usually not a great outcome for them — but it can be a great way for […]

Improving developer experience is now a priority

Internal developer portals have emerged as a one-stop shop that lets developers in an organization access all the microservices and tools available to them. But they are not just service catalogs: They also enable companies to build self-serve actions that developers can perform. For instance, developers can use these portals to access reusable services that […]

Chainlink co-founder wants web3 to provide cryptographic guarantees to the world

“Oracle networks are really the thing that puts the word ‘smart’ in smart contracts,” Nazarov said. “Smart contracts in and of themselves don’t know what time it is; they don’t have the ability to access any external system […] other than what’s in a blockchain.” Before starting Chainlink, Nazarov co-founded four other businesses, the most […]

The Best Cold Call Script You'll Ever Need

My first job, which I started at age 12, was delivering newspapers. Making money meant knocking on every door in three apartment complexes and asking the person that answered to subscribe to the paper. Knocking on doors is a real cold call. source