Web Roulette is an addictive, ‘swipeable’ web browser for the TikTok era

The team says the idea initially struck them as something of a joke. But they soon realized the idea of a ‘swipeable,’ shakable web browser that delivered our daily hits of dopamine may actually have merit. Similar to Impending’s past creations, the new app Web Roulette, is also designed to be simple, addictive, and fun […]

Elizabeth Holmes is now behind bars: How we got here

It usually doesn’t take so long after an indictment for a defendant to be found guilty and sent to prison. But the fall of the woman formerly hailed as the next Steve Jobs has been painfully drawn out, with Holmes’ legal team playing every card in the deck to delay this inevitable day. Since then, […]

Hunter.io Pricing, Plans & Key Features: Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for an effective way to discover and connect with the email addresses of professionals, Hunter.io is worth considering. With plans that range from free to a customized enterprise-level solution, there’s something for everyone when it comes to using Hunter.io’s products. This email finder tool provides users with reliable access to accurate contact […]

ContactOut Pricing, Plans, & Features: 2023 Guide

This guide will look in-depth at ContactOut, a powerful tool that helps marketers and salespeople find contact information for professionals. We’ll explore the platform’s features, pricing plans, integrations, and alternatives, like UpLead, to help you decide on the best solution for your needs. Quick Links: What is ContactOut? ContactOut Key Features ContactOut Pricing & Plans […]

Adapt.io Pricing, Products, and Alternatives in 2023

As a marketer or salesperson, finding the right tools to optimize your lead generation and outreach is crucial. Adapt.io is one such tool, a unified sales acceleration platform to help you target your ideal customers. Similar to email finders like UpLead, Adapt.io offers a wide range of features to improve your sales process. Today, we’re […]

Welcome to the trillion-dollar club, Nvidia

Welcome to the $1 trillion club, Nvidia. The club of trillion-dollar companies, measured by market capitalization, is so small that even Meta doesn’t make the cut today. Tesla is only 63% of the way there and Salesforce is not even worth a quarter of the required value it needs to join. To see Nvidia reach […]

Owler Pricing & Plans: What to Know in 2023

Choosing the right platform for company data and insights is crucial for sales teams and marketers. Owler is a platform that offers instant insights into businesses and their direct and indirect competitors. Similar to email finders like UpLead, Owler provides comprehensive private company data for your sales and marketing efforts. Today, we’ll analyze Owler’s pricing […]