How to Build Your Own AI With ChatGPT API

Open AI, the team behind ChatGPT, recently expanded upon their API and added in ChatGPT. This means that you can call their API, get responses directly from ChatGPT, and include the responses in your own application. The API lets you integrate artificial intelligence into your own application. You can use it to build a question […]

Voice Input

Smartphones have had voice input for over a decade now and yet I don’t know that many people who use voice input regularly. I would guess that maybe 10 to 20% of smartphone users are using voice input regularly. That’s a guess based on absolutely no data other than observing friends, family, and colleagues. However, […]

Finding agency

The first few moves of a chess game give the player almost unlimited freedom. There are countless legal moves, and nothing to constrain the choices that a player makes among them. But as we add leverage to our culture and our organizations, the choices aren’t as easy. Jerry Garcia couldn’t easily change the Grateful Dead’s […]