Using AI To Detect Sentiment In Audio Files

I don’t know if you’ve ever used Grammarly’s service for writing and editing content. But if you have, then you no doubt have seen the feature that detects the tone of your writing. Now imagine being able to do the same thing with audio files. How neat would it be to understand the underlying sentiments […]

“If I never again have to read a bunch of entitled tech bros mansplaining on twitter about their way of working is the only way, I will die a happy man.” Canadian Investor Chris Neumann on Venture Vibes, Who Helped Him Along the Way, and the Qualities of a Founder Who Could Fail But He’d Back Again

Hunter Walk: So why venture capital, why early stage, and why Canada? Chris Neumann: I’ve been lucky to have been a part of 5 startups going back to the late-90s, including two that were VC-backed (DataHero and Aster Data). After DataHero was acquired, I felt like it was time to try something new. 500 Startups […]

What Was SmashingConf In San Franciso Like?

“Give them sweet memories.” It was an unexpected suggestion from one of the Smashing event organizers when I asked for guidance on this article. But then, so much of the week had been unexpected. As a baby dev, volunteering at industry events is a no-brainer; I’ve been to nine this year, and this Smashing Conference […]